EP release 11.11.16

LOBOGAMMA® is the brand, concept and audiovisual output of Gerardo González. LA based Audio Activist from Puerto Rico’s underground experimental music scene. Proyecto1111.16 is a mini collection of works, loops, soundtracks as the result of experimentation with DSP, field recordings and midi compositions. Audio sketches and collaborations from this past decade recorded from 2006-2016 in Barcelona, Puerto Rico and Los Angeles, CA. Out on Botanica1 a brother label of Sud Swap Audio Brewing.

1. PH12V
2. I-O-B-E-Y
3. Carnicom
4. Untitled4
5. Frizz ft. XS*
6. VIETNAM ft. Fabián Wilkins*

*Tracks: Frrzz & Vietnam are authorized by HiLife Records @Sonido Sistema.
Frizz composed and written by Gerardo González and Daniel Ortiz, mixed and mastered @Sonido Sistema.
VIETNAM composed and written by Gerardo González and Fabián Wilkins, mixed and mastered by LOBOGAMMA®.

Album art by La Mano Fría @lamanofria